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Wash Works University provides a wide range of courses and the most comprehensive live training to prepare anyone for a successful career in the car wash industry.

Wash Works University


As the need for professionally trained managers and employees increases, Wash Works University provides customizable training as well as a fun learning atmosphere to engage attendees at all levels, regardless of their experience in the industry. Whether you are a complete novice or seasoned professional, Wash Works University provides hands on courses to help you gain the knowledge required to be successful in the car wash industry. Wash Works University can also help increase revenue, decrease expenses, and make life easier by offering the most up-to-date technology, safety, and equipment training. Utilizing our state of the art, modern, hands-on learning environment, Wash Works University creates the managers of the future and drives success in the car washes of today. Come take a tour of our extraordinary learning facility, enroll in courses that will challenge and enrich your mind, and become a successful operator of tomorrow.

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